About us

A friendly team with passion for innovative IT

Our origins

Fascination for innovation

It all started in Sweden in 1987. Three development engineers, fresh out of university and raring to go, founded an office for product development in Halmstad, Sweden. In order to reduce prototype construction costs, they switched to displaying products and their functions using computer simulation. A pioneering achievement at the time. One of the three, Patrik Troell, is the owner and managing director of Link Innovation GmbH and is still fascinated by digital visualisation. Today, his successful internet agency implements numerous IT projects in the Hanover region and beyond.

On a growth path

A multimedia agency becomes an IT company

When Link Innovation 'moved' from Sweden to Germany in 2003, the main focus of our work was on creation and design. We were active as a Volkswagen partner in the multimedia center of the automobile manufacturer for many years. Here we designed, created and developed e-learning courses, catalogues and applications.

With the advanced digitalisation of the market, the technical requirements for virtual products increased, so that the IT development division within Link Innovation GmbH became significantly more important. Thanks to the growing markets, we have enjoyed a high increase in new employees, especially within the last 5 years.

We are here for you

Today you can find us in the middle of Germany, in the heart of Lower Saxony. Our headquarters in Gifhorn are located in a triangle with Wolfsburg and Brunswick. We opened our branch in 2018 in the up-and-coming south district in Hanover.

We are extremely proud of our interdisciplinary team. At Link Innovation, all specialist knowledge for professional IT solutions is represented under one roof. Our shared goal: satisfied clients.

What can we do for you?