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Individual concepts & customised solutions

The first step is consulting. We define a vision, the goal and the requirements. Clients and partners profit from our expertise: we have spent 35 years getting to know the market inside out, giving us the tools to support you in defining your messages and conveying them in the best way possible. Our highest priority is to elaborate on individual concepts an tailor-made solutions.

When realising projects, we pay high attention to a structured way of working, which, however, is not set in stone, but gives space for constructive reflection. That’s why we are enthusiastic about implementing agile methods such as Scrum. Our certified Scrum Masters and Scrum Developers work hand in hand with Product Owners and designers in order to guarantee the best possible flow of all project phases.

Agile Project Management

Best possible results while saving time and costs

For the technical implementation, we draw on our comprehensive knowledge base and years of experience. We rely on the proven project management method Scrum, in which development takes place in several stages that are divided into sprints. The team is compiled holistically and has all the necessary qualifications. Regular meetings create a special group dynamic that leads to innovative ideas and outstanding results.

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Consulting on the ISMS

More and more companies are falling victim to cyber attacks. Valuable information is tapped and systems are paralysed. Apart from the damage to the company's image that comes with the disclosure of security vulnerabilities, the economic damage is also immense. It is therefore just as important for SMEs as for corporations to protect themselves effectively.

With an information security management system (ISMS), you protect the values of your company: The international standard helps you to ensure and continuously improve the confidentiality & integrity of your sensitive data as well as the availability of operational information and IT systems.

Are you optimally prepared for an attack on your systems? Do you lack IT security guidelines and IT risk management? Would you like to sustainably improve information security in your company? We advise and support you in setting up an ISMS and accompany you through the entire implementation process: from analyses to ISMS assessments and audits to certification.

Together, we determine your individual needs and develop a customised security concept that takes into account the specific features and IT risks of your company and reduces potential threats in the best possible way.

We offer

  • individual consulting
  • project management
  • key account management
  • process optimisation
  • information security consulting
  • agile methods
  • Scrum teams
  • trainings
  • workshops

Solid project management provides the client with complete transparency and security, whilst taking a load off the team so they can achieve optimum results.


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