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Integration & Stabilisation

DevOps is made up of Development (Dev), which stands for software development, and Operations (Ops), which stands for the operation of IT applications. The task of DevOps is to improve processes from both areas and to make them more effective and efficient through optimised and coordinated cooperation. This results in a solid, high-quality software and stable operations.

In the phases of introduction and stabilisation, an important aspect is the process and integration in existing environments. Here, particularly close cooperation with operations is necessary, with knowledge of the relevant processes.

With DevOps, improvements in the development and operation of software can be achieved by enabling more efficient cooperation between the areas of development (Development), operation (Operations) and quality assurance (QA) through common processes and tools.

We place particular emphasis on the following core themes of DevOps:

  • Team/Culture: Holistic culture of collaboration and shared responsibility.
  • Processes/methods: Agile development, lean management.
  • Tools/automation: High degree of automation of recurring tasks (especially test and build).

For DevOps implementation, the use of a unified toolchain throughout the project is desirable. Within the scope of our projects, we can use the customer's existing tools or also provide a toolchain. Here, we rely in particular on the Atlassian tool suite, supplemented if necessary by supporting tools such as Jenkins, Concourse CI and other tools for test automation or code analysis.

A DevOps approach can only work and develop its full potential if it is fully lived in the various fields of action. The DevOps team and culture are thus the key factor for DevOps projects to work.

Therefore, working according to DevOps not only has an influence on organisational circumstances and the supporting toolchain, but also already on the composition of the project team. The project team should have internalised the culture of collaboration and shared responsibility.

Hosting & Operations

We offer various hosting packages on dedicated servers or with the certified service provider Hetzner Online GmbH, aligned with German security standards. The operation of a website includes setting up personalised editor access, installing necessary updates and rectifying technical problems.

  • individual advice
  • three hosting packages
  • in-house servers
  • German security standards
  • comprehensive support

Hosting in data centres of the certified service provider Hetzner Online GmbH:

  • use of green electricity
  • certified data centre according to ISO 27001
  • virtualised server in the Nuremberg data centre
  • monitoring by Link Innovation
  • 99.9 % server availability (calculated on an annual basis)
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The DevOps concept offers many advantages, such as improved collaboration, punctual deliveries and, last but not least, a solid, high-quality software with stable operation.


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