Hanover is the place to be

Authentic, genuine, relaxed.

The capital of Lower Saxony impresses with its diverse range of cultural and economic opportunities as well as its excellent connections to the local and international mobility network. The A2 and A7 motorways intersect the most important road connections here. There are direct connections to all German conurbations via the railway network. Buses from all major long-distance bus lines and tour operators stop at Hanover Central Bus Station (ZOB). Important European destinations can be reached directly from Hanover Airport. The Mittelland Canal connects Hanover with the continent's largest sea and inland ports.

What famous sights are there in Hannover?

Important sights are the New Town Hall, the Old Town, the Adventure Zoo, the Herrenhausen Gardens, the Maschsee lake and the Eilenriede city forest.

What major events are there in Hannover?

Major events are the Maschsee Festival, the Schützenfest, the International Fireworks Competition and the Christmas Market.

What are the top museums in Hannover?

Sprengel Museum Hannover, Kestner Gesellschaft, Museum August Kestner, Kunstverein Hannover, Historisches Museum, Museum Schloss Herrenhausen, Landesmuseum Hannover, Museum Wilhelm Busch.

Which excursion destinations are easy to reach from Hanover?

The Steinhuder Meer, the Deister or Marienburg Castle are easily accessible excursion destinations.

You can find more information at visit-hannover.com.

Did you know that Hanover ...

1. ...  is worth inhabiting? Oskar Negt, Hanoverian philosopher and sociologist, says: "Hanover is one of the most liveable cities in Germany; a garden city with a natural everyday rhythm."

2. ...is worth living in? As a green city of short distances, cultural diversity, lively district culture and affordable prices, Hannover is universally appreciated.

3. ...is lovable? 91 percent of Hannoverians like or very much like living in their city.

4. ...has formed the Hannover Region with its 20 surrounding municipalities since 2001 and, with 1.15 million people in an area almost as large as Saarland, has a model character?

5. ...is a city of short distances and good connections? An excellent local transport system links the 21 municipalities in the region.

6. ...is an overachiever? In 2018 and 2019, there were more than 6.3 million passengers per year.

7. ...celebrates one of the largest public festivals in northern Germany every summer? The Maschseefest counts more than two million visitors in 19 days at the annual holiday flair.

8. ...is one of the greenest cities in Germany? Hannover's 11.36% green area includes Europe's largest contiguous urban forest: at 642 hectares, the Eilenriede is about twice the size of Central Park in New York.